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About this app

Easily plan your dog's walk and activities based on the current and forecast weather, and keep track of their wellbeing, treatments, and appointments. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Home The Home page features insightful weather data, suggestions on whether the current temperature is too hot to walk your dog, the suggested exercise intensity, and a surface area temperature check to keep paws safe. It also displays how many hours and minutes of daylight are left in the current day, and the time of the sunrise and sunset. When the temperature is chilly, suggestions will appear on whether it might be good for your dog to wear a coat. 🎾 Activity The Activity page allows you to keep track of the total times your dog was walked on any given day and the total amount of time taken each day. It also features a clicker to allow you to train your dog from anywhere. πŸ’› Health & Wellbeing The Health & Wellbeing page features a tracker to allow you to record water intake throughout the day, as well as noting when your dog received essential treatments and when they are next due, including flea & tick, worming, vaccinations, and grooming appointments. πŸ• Profile The Profile page allows you to keep track of essential details, including date of birth, weight, neck size, and chest size. You can also set your pet's name which is used throughout the app to improve the user experience. 🌞 Weather Data The Weather page provides detailed insights into the current and forecast weather. Current weather data for: - Temperature - Wind Speed - Wind Direction - Precipitation - Humidity - Dew Point - Air Quality - Visibility - UV Index - Pressure 24-hour views of: - Wind Speed - Wind Direction - Precipitation Weather Pawcast: - 8-Day Weather Forecast - 24-Hour Weather Forecast πŸŽ—οΈ Reminders Reminders appear on the Home screen when any given treatment is due. Reminders can be configured within the Health & Wellbeing settings page.