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Would you like to access your contacts from any device? With an agile, efficient app and ... free!! (Available languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Catalan, and Galician) QUICKLY LOCATE YOUR CLIENT to, from their profile, call them, send them a WhatsApp, email or SMS, visit their website, and open Google Maps. Anywhere, anytime. Clients and... Suppliers Sellers Creditors Debtors Employees Branches Shipping agencies Banks Organize your appointments and meetings in a planner with monthly, weekly, daily, and agenda list views. Register for each event the title, description, color, participants, location, web address, and attached files. Save the code or link to join the online meeting (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom). Easily drag and drop events. Very intuitive. Document management Save the documents of each contact such as contracts, offers, reports, ... In the cloud Your data saved in the cloud for availability anytime Multi-device Access from any of your devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) Intuitive Its modern user interface is managed in a clear and simple way Import Import your contact data from Excel from your management software Scalable You can grow without limits to save more profiles, documents, and events Responsive Design adapted to various devices and screen sizes Exportable The entered data can be printed and exported in various well-known formats