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Privacy / Perspectiv / Exchange

About this app

collAnon Perspectives exchange gives you an easy way to make private places where two or more people, given a certain context or event, can give their own take or perspective on the matter providing facts separated from perceptions of those facts, making it more clear what everyone knows about the context and how they perceive or feel about it with their own words. The invitations are as easy as giving to the interested people the QR code, link or just the secret code of the created perspective exchange(this last option requires to input that code through the app). Plus the people that reply can do it WITHOUT having to sign up for the app! The exchange locks and provide each participant the full view only when the max. number of participants exchanges is reached. This web app is freemium with most limits being present in the quantity of things that can be created. The premium UserPlus+ status will give you more starting with 3.50 $/Euro